What You Need to Know About Changing Your Brakes

Your brake system is the most important

As brake specialists in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we find that there are many different factors that influence how often you need your brakes changed. Your brakes wear out more quickly in certain scenarios.

safety feature of your car. To protect you, your family and other drivers on the road you need to get your brakes checked and serviced regularly.

Hard Braking

If you are hard on your brakes when driving, they wear out more quickly than if you brake smoothly. Altering your driving habits can make a big difference on the wear and tear of your brakes.

Types of Brakes

The type of materials that the brakes are made of will determine how long they will last. Brakes can be made from ceramic, steel, carbon, or other materials.

The brake pads are also made from different compounds in order to suit different driving needs - and different makes and models of vehicles.

Signs that Your Brakes Need Changing

Generally, brakes need changing every 80,000 kilometres. At Brake Mobile we can let you know when your brakes need replacing or adjusting. The following are signs that you need brake repairs:

  • Your brakes do no respond quickly

If your vehicle fails to slow down when your brakes are pushed, they are due for urgent replacement.

  • Your steering wobbles when braking
  • Your brakes make scraping, squealing or grinding noises
  • The brake warning light is lit up on your dashboard

You can check the thickness of your brake pads easily by looking between the spokes of your wheel. At the outer edge of the metal router is the metal caliper. The brake pad is between the caliper and the rotor. The pads should be at least 6mm thick. You will need to estimate this. If they are any thinner than this then it is time to get them changed! As your brake specialist we can check this for you

When driving, particularly at high speeds, you need to be able to stop quickly if necessary. To ensure safe braking Contact us at Brake Mobile today. We do mobile brake repairs on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in surrounding areas.

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