5 Signs Your Car Would Need a Brake Repair

Brake safety is so important. As a mobile brake specialist Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, we can ensure that your vehicle’s brake system is in perfect working order, and can check or repair your car’s brakes at a location convenient to you. We specialise in on-site and after hours’ mobile brake repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast and all areas in between. Here are 5 reasons that your car needs the brakes repaired:

1. The Brakes Don’t Sound Right

If your brakes screech, squeak and grind they need attention ASAP.

2. Your Car is Not Pulling Up Quickly

If it is taking a while for your car to stop when you have hit the brakes they need attention. Contact us for your mobile brake repairs Gold Coast and Brisbane urgently.

3. The Car Vibrates When You Brake

If your car shakes or vibrates when you brake the brake system is not functioning correctly and needs inspection by an expert.

4. The Brake Pedal is Soft

Brakes should not have a lot of give – it shouldn’t take a lot of distance to push them to feel a response. This may just be that the brake pads need replacing, or something more serious.

5. Your Car Swerves When You Brake

This could be a number of things including the brake pads wearing unevenly, contamination in the brake fluid or adjustment with the brakes being needed. This is dangerous.

If any of the above occur, contact us at Brake Mobile as a matter of urgency. Brakes are the most important safety issue on your vehicle. Regular safety inspections and maintenance on your braking system will ensure that they work as they should when you need them to.

As a mobile brake service, we specialise in a range of brake services including disc brake machining, fitting brake pads, new disc brake rotors and brake master cylinders and brake repairs Gold Coast and Brisbane. Contact us today!

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